Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

The re-engineered LiteMat Spectrum, powered by Spectrum technology, offers improved dimming performance, powerful companion dimmers, up to 8 pixel-mappable large-format pixels, and buttery smooth low-end dimming. The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 & 400 brings advanced electronics, Ethernet communication, and AC or DC operation in a compact unit. Spectrum technology is now featured in the LiteMat 8 size for the first time.


Engineered for what’s next

Engineered for the future, the evolution of the LiteMat Spectrum includes a more robust design in a feature-packed fixture that will meet your lighting needs now and into the future.

• Smoother Low-End Dimming
• Pixelisation
• Robust Design
• Precision-Calibrated Electronics
• Updatable Pixel driver firmware


Spectrum just got bigger

The LiteMat Spectrum 8 joins the Spectrum family and amplifies the features found on all full-color LiteMat Spectrum fixtures. With eight large-format pixels, the control and effects possibilities are endless.

• Intimate yet grand
• Eight large-format pixels
• Lightweight and sturdy
• Full complement of accessories
• Updatable Pixel driver firmware


Compact. Feature-rich. Elegant.

The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 & 400 are part of a new class of dimmer packed with great new features, an ergonomic design, and ultra-compact form factor. Complete with local control and industry leading communication protocols, the AC/DC 200 & 400 can control multiple large-format pixels, making pixel mapping of the LiteMat Spectrum easier than ever.

• The convenience of AC & DC power
• Advanced connections & communication
• Two power classes, one compact design
• Flexibility in Mounting


Available in July

Pre-order now – email

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