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Creamsource triple launch

Creamsource announced the exciting expansion of its Vortex flagship line. The evolution signifies a diversification in Vortex offerings both in function and scale. Introducing a creative complement to the trusted Vortex8 and Vortex4 hard panels, the new Vortex8 Soft (V8S) and Vortex4 Soft (V4S), are high output soft panels designed with the same RRGBBW colour […]

Meet the Next Generation of Spectrum

The re-engineered LiteMat Spectrum, powered by Spectrum technology, offers improved dimming performance, powerful companion dimmers, up to 8 pixel-mappable large-format pixels, and buttery smooth low-end dimming. The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC 200 & 400 brings advanced electronics, Ethernet communication, and AC or DC operation in a compact unit. Spectrum technology is now featured in the LiteMat 8 […]

Creamsource Vortex Series Firmware Update

Just released, the new CreamOS 2.0 with a number of extra new features: Added RDM support over Wired DMX and also over CRMX Added Custom White Point to ‘CCT Crossfade HSI’ colour mode (non-crossfade mode used white point of 6500K) Added Custom White Point to ‘CCT Crossfade RGBW’ mode (non-crossfade mode used white point of […]

LCA Opens in Europe

We are delighted to announce the opening up of operations in Berlin, Germany with a state-of-the art studio and demo room and warehouse. LCA Europe will be a central hub servicing European customers with faster shipping of a wide range of equipment including lighting, grip, power, distribution, cables, consumables and much more. The facility will […]

Filmgear introduce the PowerBeam

Filmgear introduces the PowerBeam to their existing range of traditional and LED lighting fixtures. Designed to give a brilliant beam of directional light, with soft unfocused subtle edges, the PowerBeam projects a perfect balance of directionality, along with soft beam edges, allowing lighting professionals to create a shaft of light without giving away their artificial […]

DoPchoice introduce Astera SNAPBAGS

DoPchoice introduces two new Snapbags® especially created for single tube Helios and Titan lights from Astera. Made to give filmmakers maximum control of their lighting, both premiere similar groundbreaking softbox benefits including intensified output, adjustable beam spread, simplified pack-up, and an easy track mounting system—all in a lightweight Snapbag. The Single Tube Snapbags®, share identical […]

Creamsource Launch Vortex8

Creamsource, developers of artisan quality cinema lighting for more than 15 years, and a familiar sight on feature film sets, launched its new Vortex lighting system with the flagship Vortex8, a 650W high power LED in a 2’x1’ form factor. Built with elegance and durability in mind, the Vortex8 features world-class engineering, combining diverse production […]

LiteMat Spectrum OS2

LiteGear introduced the Spectrum OS2 software update at their July 15 product launch event. Spectrum OS2 builds upon the unique functionality of LiteMat; thin, lightweight, rig-anywhere system, and provides full spectrum output that is a giant step beyond the traditional bi-color Hybrid systems by bringing improved stability, added enhancements, and new features. Spectrum OS2 provides […]

Conference of Light

LCA were proud to support an independent test of a wide range of LED lighting fixtures in Berlin in May. Today, (Friday 31st January), the lead organisers were here at the BSC Expo to present their findings. Gaffer, Timm Bruekner along with cinematographer, Philippe Ros AFC and Co-chair of the Technical Committee of Imago and […]