Crab Carts

In the world of film and audiovisual, some products are not only useful but also enable work to be carried out under optimum and professional conditions. The camera cart is the perfect example! It is more than a mere necessity. A Crab Cart will help you save time, reduces the risk of losses, cuts down unnecessary trips and ensures greater accuracy.

Whether you are an assistant, electrician, movie technician, cameraman, photographer, assistant director, set manager, make-up or hair technician, there is a Crab Cart for your needs and requirements. They adapt to the constraints of the different sets, from the most extreme outdoor film sets to the cosiest studios.

If the principle of the camera cart is simple, a trolley adapted to the film industry, there are many different versions. A camera cart can be foldable, motorised or manual, and comes in a selection of finishes to meet your needs. There is a never-ending range of accessories, just depending on what you want.

The camera cart can be a fire-fighting unit, canteen, energy back-up unit, travelling studio or viewing centre.

CRAB Carts are endorsed by their proven track record. Numerous technicians were consulted to produce a uniform, sound, multipurpose product that perfectly adapts to individual needs. Affordable and robust, a CRAB camera cart is a reliable partner that needs little maintenance and offers an exceptionally long useful life.
Lifelong guarantee.