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From a broadcast studio at CNN to the announcer’s booth at the Super Bowl, and on thousands of television and film sets worldwide, Litepanels is a popular choice. Their Emmy® award-winning LED fixtures have become the new standard in professional lighting equipment, and their ever-expanding line of products is the go-to for broadcasters, cinematographers, videographers and still photographers everywhere. The Litepanels range of LED lighting fixtures is the largest in
the industry, spanning from battery operated on-camera lights, through groundbreaking LED 1×1 panels, to high-output Fresnel and open source fixtures.
Litepanels fixtures offer a win-win solution by improving the aesthetic quality of your lighting source, while providing a host of practical advantages. Their LED fixtures are easy to use, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and provide a tremendous cost advantage. With demonstrable energy, facility and labour savings, Litepanels products have been proven to generate a return on investment (ROI), typically in 3 years or less.