LCA is your one stop shop for all your consumables including colour filter, lamps, tape, gloves, dulling sprays, croc clips, fog fluid, sandbags and more

  • Bags

    Bags (2)

    Durable bags available at LCA for stands, filter, textiles and butterflies. Also at LCA are sand bags and kit bags holding 2 or 3 heads.
  • Cinefoil

    Cinefoil (1)

    Cinefoil (black wrap) is a matte black aluminum material that virtually soaks up light. Ideal for masking light leaks and/or eliminating unwanted reflections.
  • Croc Clips

    Croc Clips (1)

    The croc clips the ultimate handy clip ideal for all sorts of jobs
  • Dulling Spray

    Dulling Spray (1)

    Dulling Spray from LCA is used to reduce glare on reflective surfaces and minimise hot spots.
  • Filter

    Filter (5)

    For colour effect filters from Rosco and Chris James, Protective filters, cinefoil and RoscoView, we have stock on our shelves ready for immediate delivery
  • Fog Fluid

    Fog Fluid (1)

    Rosco Fog Fluid produces virtually any kind of fog effect easily and continuously. It is ideal for use in theatre, film, television, live entertainment and special events
  • Lamps

    Lamps (4)

    A wide range of bulbs for all types of lights including single ended and double ended bulbs, tungsten and par lamps and fluorescent tubes. Brands include Koto, Philips, Kino Flo, Osram and more
  • Tape

    Tape (2)

    A selection of various tapes in assorted sizes and colours: camera tape, gaffer tape, Paper tape, insulation tape and Scapa tape