LCA Showcase Exclusive Lighting Solutions at BVE North 2013

LCA at BVE North 2013LCA – Lights, Camera, Action Ltd – a one stop shop offering a huge range of film, television and broadcast lighting equipment, accessories & consumables, will be showcasing the very latest technology solutions from their extensive portfolio of exclusive and other leading brands, at BVE North 2013, Manchester Central (stand C20 – C10).

With over 80 years of experience amongst their team, the company offer unrivalled industry expertise and customer support.

As the exclusive European distributor for Filmgear, LCA will demonstrate their PowerLED 160 & 240, LED Fresnel 150 & 250, and Filmgear 1.8kW PAR HMI kit lighting models.

The stand will feature TruColor Lighting’s HS and LS remote phosphor LED lighting fixtures, which are also supplied exclusively in Europe by LCA. From K5600, a UK exclusive – the stand will showcase for the first time at BVE North the Alpha 1600 and Joker 1600W HMI fixtures. Both models come complete with high speed 1,000Hz, flicker free ballast.

Other stand highlights include Rosco’s Lite Pad and Miro Cubes models, as well as their View twin polarising system; DoP Choice’s new snap grid HS & LS products, and 4×4 snap grid; a selection of Chimera softboxes, including their 5ft Octadome; Briese’s 100H2 tungsten and 140 2.5kW HMI fixtures; models from Manfrotto’s extensive range of lighting support stands & accessories; and a selection of CP2 & compact primes Zeiss lenses.

As a major lamps supplier, LCA will showcase Koto lamps’ extensive range of single & double ended HMI lamps, and tungsten halogen. All HMI lamps feature a unique “UV stop” fused silica safety coating on the outer glass, providing extra protection for those using or exposed to the lamp’s illumination by blocking the Ultraviolet light generated by the lamps’ mercury vapour discharge.

With massive stocks on the shelf of all popular industry lamps – available for immediate delivery – other types stocked include single ended halogen, double ended quartzline, and fluorescent lamps.

LCA will also showcase a selection of cables from their massive inventory of cables and connectors, available for immediate delivery. Cable types available include single phase cables & adaptors, multicore cables, DMX cables & adaptors, 3 phase cables, spiders / fan-ins & fan-outs, BAC extensions, HMI header cables, and Powerlock extensions.

In addition, the company specialises in fulfilling large volume custom cable assembly orders – holding thousands of kilometres of high quality data, mains and multicore cable, ready to custom assemble to any length required. The service includes customising cables’ appearance to the preferred cable identification colour, company logo and other types of personalisation.

For more information and to receive product demonstrations, visit LCA on stand C20 – C10 at the show.

Alternatively, call +44 (0)20 8833 7600 / email, or visit

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