New products showing at IBC

LCA – Lights, Camera, Action are delighted to be showing some of the latest innovative lighting products for film and TV on their stand at IBC in Hall 12. D39.

Cineo HSXCineo Lighting will exhibit the new colour-tunable Cineo HSX at IBC 2016. HSX is a colour-tunable soft source with the same powerful, accurate light output as the Cineo HS2 Remote Phosphor fixture. Cineo has leveraged its years of experience in solid-state lighting and material sciences to create a compact, 25,000 lumen fixture with the same beautiful colour rendering and extended deep-red spectrum as their Remote Phosphor line. HSX’s custom-designed CineoColorTM spectrum emits high quality, colour-accurate light that is completely tunable from 2700K-6500K, while Cineo’s ColorLockTM technology guarantees consistent output over the lifetime of the fixture with no colour shift or need for calibration. 

“We’ve leveraged the popular HS platform, with over 3,000 units sold, to provide the same exceptional Cineo color quality in a colour tunable, compact, high power studio fixture,” said Chuck Edwards, CTO of Cineo Lighting.

“When developing the HSX, we wanted to add digital colour changing to the features and standards that users of our Remote Phosphor fixtures have come to appreciate. The HSX has the same footprint, optical power, weight, and even uses the same accessories as the HS Remote Phosphor series.” 

Cineo also recently announced the DoubleDownTM warranty programme, which allows customers to double their warranty protection by registering their products at Cineo will repair or replace registered Cineo fixtures at no charge for a total of four years from the original purchase date. 
“We want to extend our confidence in the reliability of Cineo products to the customer,” said Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting. “We’re here to support your everyday use on every job, day in and day out.”

S2 LiteMat Table Shot webLiteGear will be exhibiting the new Series 2, or S2 LiteMats at IBC on the LCA booth. Building on the success of the original LiteMat, with its thin ultra lightweight housing, soft and colour-correct Hybrid (bi-color) output, and convenient mounting options, the S2 LiteMat takes things to the next level. “By far the number one request from existing LiteMat users was a widened Kelvin temperature range and increased brightness,” said Al DeMayo, President and Chief Executive Officer for LiteGear. “We’ve achieved both of those objectives with the new S2 along with the added bonus of 96 CRI.”

LiteGear spent months working on the new Cinema emitters, or CineMitters™, specifically for improving the light output and colour quality of the LiteMat family. The end result was a Hybrid fixture with a lower CCT (correlated colour temperature) of 2600 degrees Kelvin allowing for candlelight or deep-tungsten, and 6000 degrees Kelvin on the other side of the spectrum. By-products of this investment in colour science included a higher CRI, an increase in lumen output and improved overall efficiency.

S2 LiteMat is nearly 40 percent brighter than the original LiteMat and draws absolutely no additional power. Not only does this make for an incredible lumen to weight ratio, but it also means S2 LiteMat remains compatible with all of the existing LiteDimmers, LitePower power supplies and cables already on the market.

Often this kind of advancement in colour temperature, CRI, and lumen output costs a small fortune, but the S2 LiteMat remains one of the most affordable, professional cinema lighting fixtures available. And while the new S2 includes many new features, it does not include an increase in price over previous LiteMats.

LiteGear will also be showing the improved flexible LiteTile and the new range of LiteMat+. More information to come.cintenna-tx-with-pin
LCA will be controlling a number of lights using the kit from RatPac using the Luminair 3 software via a tablet linking to the AKS DMX Wireless System and in turn Cintenna receivers. Visitors will also have a chance to see how this wireless control system works on our booth.


LED Soft Panel 100 copyÉquipement de cinéma will be showing a range of new LED products for the motion picture and broadcast industries. The new Soft Panel 200 and the Soft Panel 100 will be on display for visitors to get hands on with. Filmgear will also be showing a range of new Octadomes.


Visit our booth at IBC, Hall 12, stand D39 to get hands on with the kit on show and meet with the LCA team as well as key people from Cineo, LiteGear and Filmgear.