New Products on Show at BSC Expo

LCA – Lights, Camera, Action are delighted to be exhibiting some new and exciting innovations at the BSC Show at the Battersea Evolution, 3rd-4th February.

New to the BSC show is the MavX, Cineo HS2 Wave and the colour tuneable HSX, new dimmers from LiteGear plus their new and improved LiteMat S2 and the latest LiteTile range including the new LiteBox system.  DoPchoice Rabbit Ears will also be set up on the Cineo fixtures. We will also be showing the Cineo Matchbox and Maverick; RatPac Wireless Dimming System; Versatile; Matrix Balls; Filmgear; LSC MantraLite and more.

Overview of new products on show


Cineo Lighting will be showing the new MavX, the colour-tunable version of their popular portable Maverick lighting fixture for film and television. In addition to showing the latest generation of their HS Remote Phosphor soft lights, Cineo is also demonstrating HSX, the colour-tunable member of the HS family, with the same output and colour quality of the legacy HS fixtures. All new Cineo fixtures feature integrated LumenRadio wireless DMX and full RDM support.


For 2017, LiteGear continues to fill out the options and accessories for the popular LiteTile product family. The new LiteBox is a lightweight, modular softbox system designed to make LiteTile more user friendly. With adjustable frame depths of 1”, 6” and 12” and three diffusion options for both LiteTile sizes, there’s sure to be a LiteBox for every scene. The LiteBox can be rigged in any number of ways with optional Baby Pins, Clamps, Hinges and loads of attachment points. If control is what the DP calls for, there are optional SnapGrids for each LiteBox size as well.

SnapGrids and SnapBags
Speaking of SnapGrids, LiteGear is proud to announce that there are now SnapGrids and SnapBags for every size of the popular LiteMat fixtures. These new 3rd party accessories are a fantastic addition to the existing line, and provide a whole new look and feel to LiteMat. In fact, the new SnapBags almost double the aperture of each fixture effectively turning a LiteMat 1 into the physical size of a LiteMat 2 as an example.

In the LiteRibbon world, LiteGear is extremely proud to announce the new LiteDimmer Studio 5×8. This advanced DMX-controlled LiteRibbon dimmer is capable of controlling 5 channels of 100W at 12v or 200W at 24v – that’s 8 amps maximum per channel.  Features include: Single, Hybrid, RGB+Hybrid, and RGBA/W+Single modes; Variable PWM Frequencies; Variable Dimmer (Gamma) Curves; 8-Bit or 16-Bit Operation and RDM capable. Quite simply this is the most advanced LiteDimmer available on the market today.


With the AKS DMX Wireless System, you no longer have to rely on bulky DMX cables or dangling power supplies. Film and TV professionals can control the lights on set by downloading RatPac’s industry tested software on smart phones or tablets, both Apple and Android, and linking to the Lumen Radio powered AKS. LumenRadio’s CRMX technology gives the AKS over 1,200 feet of range to the lights and uses 128 bit encryption and error correction to ensure a clear signal no matter what.
Long range WiFi allows your tablet or phone to control the AKS from up to 250 feet away. The Ethernet port interfaces with most modern consoles and PC based DMX software. The L2-Net Ethernet cable allows IOS devises with Luminair 3 software to work with the AKS even if the WiFi environment is saturated.



New to the DoPchoice range of products is the Rabbit-Ears™. This lightweight and easy to fit mount replaces the cumbersome speed ring mounting. Premiering at the show is the versatile Snapbag Medium, that mounts via Rabbit-Ears on many fixtures. Also on show, a sturdy Gobohead yoke adapter for Rabbit-Ears offering extended tilt range over standard yokes.
DoPchoice are renowned for their Snapgrids®, Snapbags® and Butterfly grid control accessories for LED lighting, all of which offer easier-use, instant setup, compact and lighter weight.


Introducing the LED 5 Colour/Bi-Colour AC/DC Matrix Balls. These Matrix Balls/modules are controlled using the LITEGEAR Pro Dimmers. The dimmer also now includes the added features of a flicker circuit and remote trigger.

These units are available as a baby 10” Spring Ball with all the items in a neat flight case. Other sizes include the 19” and a 30” Matrix Module which come with flight case, header cable, Litegear dimmer and power supply.

Additional options include DC operation, 3 different diffusions, Wireless DMX (Lumen Radio).