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It’s amazing what can happen in a year and keeping up with the continuous improvements and new products for film and broadcast can be difficult when juggling filming commitments and life in genera. However, IBC 2018 is the perfect exhibition to help you getup to speed with all the latest equipment and get hands on with a variety of products.

Once again, LCA will be proud to be showing just some of these new fixtures and accessories from LiteGear, DoPchoice, Cineo/NBCuniversal and Araignée d'Hudson with the launch of a few products at the show.

You can see the following products and more on booth 12.D39. And don’t forget to pop by on Saturday, 4-6pm to celebrate Oktoberfest with some traditional Bavarian Beer and snacks. We’ll be happy to see you a raise a stein!



LiteGear is proud to introduce the new LiteMat Spectrum at IBC 2018.  This next generation LiteMat takes the best features of the LiteMat line and introduces the ability to add accent colour through the patent-pending color mixing process developed through Project Stardust. LiteMat Spectrum maintains the unique functionality of the LiteMat series: thin, lightweight, and easy-to-rig, while providing TrueHybridwhite light that follows the Planckian locus exactly.  A project that is years in the making, LiteMat Spectrum began with a simple objective: to simplify the complexity of cinematic colour mixing,” says Al DeMayo, President and CEO for LiteGear. It is designed to easily match the white-balance settings of Digital Cinema and HD cameras.
LiteMat Spectrum can accurately reproduce any Kelvin temperature of white light between 2000K and 11000K with +/- 8 points of tint correction. It can also augment this white light with 360 degrees of colour accents. Saturated colour can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth.  This unique and patent-pending colour processing also provides alternative desaturation by using TrueHybridwhite light to desaturate the colour accents.

LiteMat Spectrum also improves post-production workflows as it is the first lighting system to be Certified Colour-Space Compliant.  By setting the recording format in the dimmer (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, etc.), LiteMat Spectrum will only produce colour within that colour space.  That means no colour noise and no data outside the specified gamut.

These new LiteMats will all resemble their predecessors in almost every way, and all LiteMat Spectrum units will be interoperable and compatible with each other. LiteGear, LCA, and their respective Dealers will be taking pre-orders for LiteMat Spectrum at IBC with shipping taking place in Q1 of 2019.

LiteGear will also be showing the new LiteMat+ Plus 8, Mirage 400i, LiteRibbon Chroma, range of the LiteMat+ Plus and the ever popular LiteTile in a formation you will not miss!




DoPchoice unveils to Europe new light softening and directing and tools to enhance the ARRI SkyPanel S360. For the SkyPanel S360, there is the new 6’x6’ SNAPBAG® softbox. Customised for ideal fit, it is lightweight and packs up small for transport. Set up is fast due to its integral snap up frame. There is no complicated speed ring or overhead frame needed. Plus, because it mounts directly to the SkyPanel S360, there’s no set-cluttering stand required to hold the SNAPBAG.

Fully built up, the 6’x6’ measures 6’/183cm x 6’/183cm x 2’5”/75cm deep, yet weighs just 12.7-lbs/5.8kg. Like all DoPchoice Snapbags, the 6’x6’ employs a special reflective fabric to intensify light output. In addition, a front diffusion panel swiftly attaches right on the front for extremely even light distribution.

The 6’x6’ SNAPBAG system has the option of a custom size SNAPGRID for when more light direction is desired. The self-unfolding and self-tightening light controlling grids (40° beam angle) quickly attach via hook and loop, directly to the front of the SNAPBAG, so there’s no extra grid stand.

The 6×6 Snapbag is now shipping.

Premiering at IBC, DoPchoice will be showing the latest additions to their range of Lantern SNAPBAGS for innovative LED fixtures as well s the established SNAPBAG Octa’s, SNAPBOX and universal RABBIT-EARS system.



Cineo Lighting/NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal LightBlade announced upgrades to its 1, 2 & 4 Blade products. The improvements provide enhanced user functionality and easy rigging features. All LightBlade fixtures – the 1, 2 & 4 Blade, LightBlade 1K, the Ladder Light, and the newly launched LB800 – use proprietary phosphor-converted white light LEDs, as well as phosphor-converted saturated color LEDs, to create a balanced, natural-looking spectrum. NBCUniversal is showcasing the entire line of LightBlade products at IBC in LCA Booth #12.D39 for demo, rental and sales.
“Our goal is to constantly push the LightBlade technology to deliver the perfect blend of art and science for content creators,” said Jamie Crosbie, Vice President of Studio Services at NBCUniversal.

Debuted in June, the NBCUniversal LightBlade LB800 is a 24” x 48” fixture that can be configured in 10 independent zones, with complete DMX/RDM control over each zone. It features local and remote dimming, 0-100%, calibrated in f-stops, and can be controlled via wired or built-in wireless CRMX control. NBCUniversal LightBlade products feature reference-quality variable white light from 2700K to 6500K. They have superior colour rendering with typical CRI>90, R9>95, and a saturated colour engine that works creatively with high-CRI white light. Additional features on the LB800 include support of both 8- bit and 16-bit DMX data, as well as multiple colour space personalities. The LB800 can store and recall multiple fixture settings for quick access to frequently used lighting parameters. Developed in partnership with Cineo Lighting, NBCUniversal LightBlade products are versatile, lightweight, silent and flicker-free, and built to endure the wear and tear of staging and production.

The Cineo Standard 410 will also be starring at IBC



Araignée d'Hudson

On the success of the Redback last year, Hudson Spider is launching their second offering, the Mozzie. After just 6 months of sales with the Redback, Hudson Spider is gearing up to release their second fixture to the market, the Mozzie. The Mozzie is a smaller parabolic layout of LEDs that has a growing list for its anticipated release later in 2018.

Like the Redback, the Mozzie emits a soft light that doesn’t require diffusion. Weighing in  at just 3 pounds(1.5kgs) the Mozzie perfect for mounting on cameras, boom poles, anywhere.

In its parabolic Mode, the 22” (56cm) bi-colour LED Mozzie produces flattering controlled soft light, without the necessity for flags or diffusion.  The Mozzie is built for the harsh rigours of filming and folds down to a mere 7 x 5inches (18x12cms). Like the Redback, the Mozzie is also able to transform into a soft box with the Stealth accessory, which converts the tiny Mozzie, into a 4ft soft box, in seconds.

The 200W Mozzie emits an incredible amount of light from its focused 1224 95CRI+ LEDS and is sure to be a popular addition to Hudson Spiders exciting product range.

The new Stealth mode, a 6ft (180cm) softbox, weighs in at 13 pounds (6kg) and creates new possibilities.

Hudson Spider, the innovative new LED lighting company from California debuted their initial prototype, the bicolor Redback, at IBC last year. The Redback hit the Market in December 2017 and the unique parabolic layout of LEDs is already making waves in both the photography and motion picture world in Europe and beyond.  Unique to the Redback is their 180 degree Hard Teaser, that acts as an ‘eyebrow’ for the light, eliminating the need for additional C-stands, flags and cutter.

This year at IBC, we will see more of the innovations we are starting to expect from this exciting new company. The new Stealth mode for the Redback is a 180cm Octagon that weighs in at under 6 kilograms and is 25cms deep. Stealth is appealing to large and small productions alike. Despite the huge size, the entire unit packs down to a tidy package for transportation and and be set-up by a single crew member on to a C stand or Megaboom in just minutes.

Stealth is compatible with all previous sold Redbacks and is also available in a complete package for additional savings.