Filmgear introduce the PowerBeam

Filmgear introduces the PowerBeam to their existing range of traditional and LED lighting fixtures.

Designed to give a brilliant beam of directional light, with soft unfocused subtle edges, the PowerBeam projects a perfect balance of directionality, along with soft beam edges, allowing lighting professionals to create a shaft of light without giving away their artificial source.

PowerBeams can also be used to project shafts of light through windows or foliage without flutter – and if you want to send out a Bat signal 🦇!

The Filmgear range of PowerBeams are available in both Daylight and Tungsten:

FilmGear PowerBeam Daylight 4kw/2.5kw  
FilmGear PowerBeam Daylight 9kw/6kw
FilmGear PowerBeam Daylight 12kw    

FilmGear 5kw PowerBeam Tungsten
FilmGear 12kw/10kw PowerBeam Tungsten  
FilmGear PowerBeam 24kw/20kw Tungsten




Photo credits:
Top: Glo Film Lighting IG @glofilmlighting
St Kristof IG @stkristof_henind_the_scene

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