Lighting Grip

We’ve lighting grip for all your needs: Stands, clamps, arms and brackets, autopoles, grip heads and arms, wall plates, textiles, butterflies, camera carts and more. We supply Manfrotto, Avenger, Crab Carts, Rosco, Roscotex, DoP Choice

  • Adapters

    Adapters (3)

  • Stands

    Stands (43)

    A stand for every light and application: baby lightweight, combo stands, c-stands, overhead, wind up stands, bases and more
  • Clamps

    Clamps (9)

    A wide range of clamps and grips to hold lights and accessories wherever you need them, in the studio and on location - no matter what the size of the object to be supported or the surface to clamp to.
  • Arms & Brackets

    Arms & Brackets (5)

    At LCA we supply a range of multi positioning arms and attachments enable accurate positioning of lighting and effects.
  • Autopoles

    Autopoles (4)

    Manfrotto's adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structure a lighting grid, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications.
  • Wall Plates

    Wall Plates (4)

    Avenger wall plates allow for the quick mounting of fixtures in places where light stands and clamps cannot be used
  • Carts

    Carts (5)

    Move and store your equipment with Crab Carts: Camera carts, monitor carts, stand carts, storage carts and more
  • Textiles and Butterflies

    Textiles and Butterflies (5)

  • Light Control

    Light Control (25)

    Control your light with light banks, speed rings, snap grids and more