Lighting Products

Whether you’re lighting a small studio or a block buster movie, LCA have a wide range of lights to suit any job. From the latest in LED lights for location and studio lighting or for cameras, to large HMI fresnels, LCA have the light to help you achieve the effects you are looking for.

  • LED

    LED (90)

    LED lights are leading the way in studio, film and location lighting. These lights are continually improving and LCA are proud to supply the latest LED lights on the market including Cineo Lighting, LitePanels, LiteGear and Rosco
  • Daylight

    Daylight (13)

    Available at LCA, a range of Daylight and Tungsten HMI lights from 200W to 24kW. We supply K5600, Filmgear, Arri, Briese Lighting and more
  • Tungsten

    Tungsten (12)

    Choose from a selection of Tungsten Fresnels - Studio and Junior lights and the universal K5600 lights offering fresnel and par possibilities in the one light
  • Fluorescent

    Fluorescent (3)

    Fluorescent lighting
  • Lighting Kits

    Lighting Kits (44)

    Whether you're looking for a small LED lighting kit, a standard red head kit or a lighting kit that gives you the flexibility to use for any type of shot, LCA have a range to suit all requirements including kits from Kino Flo, LitePanels, Cineo and Dedolight
  • Universal Lights

    Universal Lights (47)

    These studio and location lights can be used as Pars or Fresnels
  • Lighting Accessories

    Lighting Accessories (25)

    Must need accessories for creating lighting effects: Light banks, speed rings, Snap Grids, Butterfly grids and lanterns. We stock Chimera, DoP Choice and JEM