LED lights are leading the way in studio, film and location lighting. These lights are continually improving and LCA are proud to supply the latest LED lights on the market including Cineo Lighting, LitePanels, LiteGear and Rosco

  • Creamsource

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  • Cineo Lighting

    Cineo Lighting (10)

    Cineo Lighting was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries. Utilising the latest developments in Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT), the principal partners at Cineo have developed an array of lighting devices that have captured the interest of professional image makers worldwide.Beginning with the TruColor™ lighting line in 2012, the company continues to focus on innovations that push the boundaries of illumination technology. The Cineo range now includes: HS2, Maverick, Matchbox and Matchstix
  • Chroma Q

    Chroma Q (18)

  • Hudson Spider

    Hudson Spider (2)

    The Redback from Hudson Spider - parabolic LED fixture
  • Kino Flo

    Kino Flo (6)

  • LED Lighting Kits

    LED Lighting Kits (8)

    LCA supply a range of LED Lighting kits from a number of lighting manufacturers including Cineo, LiteGear, Filmgear, Kino Flo and more. LED lighting kits are great for location lighting and for the independent lighting professional for video, TV, film and Photo.
  • LiteGear

    LiteGear (5)

    LiteGear design and build LED lighting gear for professionals in Cinema, TV, and HD Video industries. LiteGear was the pioneer behind the popularisation of flexible LED lighting for use in Cinema and TV lighting applications. Their hero product, LED LiteRibbon™ has transformed sets across the nation by allowing set and lighting designers to integrate light into places that were not previously possible.The LiteGear range now includes the LiteMat family with 6 available sizes.
  • Litepanels

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  • Matrix Modules

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  • Rosco

    Rosco (12)

  • Ruby Light

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  • Versatile

    Versatile (1)

    The UK made Versatile is an edge lit, bi-colour LED panel giving a soft diffused light. Dimmable from 0-100%, flicker free and from tungsten to daylight and anywhere in between. At 600x600mm the Versatile is ideal for replacing ceiling tiles while shooting for TV or Film. Available in a 4 kit or 8 kit, ready to use with different mounting options, cable and controllers.