Lighting Accessories

Must need accessories for creating lighting effects: Light banks, speed rings, Snap Grids, Butterfly grids and lanterns. We stock Chimera, DoP Choice and JEM

  • Power

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  • Cineo Accessories

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  • SnapBag / SnapBox

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  • Lanterns

    Lanterns (5)

    Based on the concept of the traditional Chinese lantern, lighting lanterns are a great modern-day solution for omni-directional soft lighting
  • LiteStix

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  • Lightbanks

    Lightbanks (5)

    With a Chimera Lightbank, you'll get the broad-source, diffused light you want and the lightweight, collapsible design you need. It's a great way to transform harsh light into a superior soft light. Select your preferred Chimera Lightbank from OctaPlus, Quartz Banks, LED, Daylight, Super Pro and Video Pro Lightbanks
  • Speed Rings

    Speed Rings (6)

    Chimera Speed Rings allow you to create perfect light with most any lighting instrument.