Power Distribution

From a standard 16A Ceeform extension cable to large power distro we can provide a solution to power any studio or set, large or small.

  • Y-Cord

    Y-Cord (6)

    Our range of Y-Cords can be used in conjunction with all the standard range of power distribution boxes we supply and for a wide range of power, light and sound applications.
  • 16A Supply

    16A Supply (7)

    We supply multiple 16A power distribution boxes.
  • 32A Supply

    32A Supply (6)

    We supply multiple 32A power distribution boxes.
  • 63A Supply

    63A Supply (5)

    We supply multiple 63A power distribution boxes.
  • 400A Supply

    400A Supply (2)

    We supply multiple variations of 400A power distribution boxes.
  • Socapex

    Socapex (3)

    LCA supply standard power distribution boxes with Socapex inlets and outlets.