LSC FILMPRO Dimmer Range



LSC has introduced the FILMPRO dimmer range for film and TV – specifically designed to withstand the rigours and hard work demanded by the worlds biggest lighting rental companies.

Designed in conjunction with specialists from the Film & TV lighting industry, the FILMPRO Range has already become a popular choice for rental companies throughout Europe, Australia and South Africa and has showcased in 100s of feature films and TV broadcasts around the world.


  • 6ch x 10A, 3ch x2 5A and 1chx 63A
  • Combined MCB/RCD per channel
  • Current Control Technology
  • Dimmer Curve selection per channel
  • Scene Storage
  • PTFD Dimming (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming) virtually any load can be dimmed, including Fluorescents, neon, and many other complex loads
  • Auto Fan Control (user defined)
  • Self-Terminating DMX connector
  • Each circuit is protected by an RCBO (combination MCB + 30mA RCD) on each circuit rated at either 10A, 25A or 63A
  • User interface is a simple 3-button interface with Up & Down keys and a Select button