Avenger C-Stand 16 Detachable Black


This Avenger C-Stand 16 Detachable Black A2016DCB has black  steel construction, and a 3 section column with 2 risers.


This Avenger C-Stand 16 Detachable Black A2016D has black  steel construction, and a 3 section column with 2 risers. This black steel stand features a detachable turtle base that is easily removed for ease of transport and quick to set up. For added versatility, a light head can be mounted to the base directly with the aid of a stand adapter (E200).

The innovative design on the base allows individual legs to be set at any angle, and can be positioned in locations not possible with classic stands.

Primarily designed to hold grip products, the C-Stands are an effective way of articulating the item it supports using grip heads and arms. Available in a variety of heights and some with detachable colums, the Avenger C-Stands have a fast set up time and are made from the best materials available.

Also available in black chrome A2016DCB

Technical Specifications

Attachment 011 1/8 (28 mm) Spiggot not threaded
Attachment 025/8 (16 mm) Spiggot not threaded
Attachment 031 1/8 (28 mm) bushing not threaded
Attachment Number16mm – 5/8” – 28mm – 1” 1/8 attachment type
ColourBlack Chrome
Column tube diameter35.30.25mm
MaterialChrome steel
Closed length84 cm
Maximum height155 cm
Minimum height84 cm
Safety payload10kg
Weight5.6 kg



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