LiteGear LED LiteDimmer single

LiteGear LED LiteDimmer Single



The LiteGear LED LiteDimmer Single is designed exclusively for use on film, TV and HD Video sets, LiteDimmer Single takes the one-thing-well approach to LED dimming. It features an ultra-smooth dimming range using our patent-pending flicker-free circuit.

It’s connectivity is also quite simple. Using a 2.1mm barrel input, LiteDimmer Single features LiteGears own custom panel mounted barrel output connector. The interface includes a rotary knob that controls the dimming level. This knob includes a hide-away feature that eliminates accidental level changes and assists in storage. There is an on-off switch that allows for manual cueing as well as a low-mode that reduces the output by 2 F-Stops allowing fine control of low output levels. Finally, its housing is made of extruded, black anodized aluminum with rubber bumpers that eliminate damage to sensitive surfaces.


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