Speed ring 9464

Chimera Speed Ring 9464


The Chimera Speed Ring 9464 is a circular Speed Ring to fit K5600 Alpha 18k, to be used with the CHIMERA® Daylite Senior™ Lightbanks.


The Chimera Speed Ring 9464 is a circular Speed Ring to fit K5600 Alpha 18k, to be used with the CHIMERA® Daylite Senior™ Lightbanks.

Circular Speed Rings are designed to perfectly fit the barn door ears of your light.  They also rotate, so it’s easy to achieve the ideal position for your light.

Aluminum ring (4 pole arrangement).

Size: 29″ (735 mm) Circular Speed Ring
Chimera set the standard for the industry with their speed rings and this includes the Continuous Light Speed Rings invented by Chimera, making it easier for videographers and lighting experts to create perfect light using virtually any lighting instrument.



The Chimera 9464 Speed ring also fits:

ARRI – T24 24K
ARRI – 20K
Mole-Richardson – Bigeye Tener 10
Mole-Richardson – 20K
Mole-Richardson – 18K HMI
Mole-Richardson – 12K HMI
LTM – 20K
LTM – 18K
LTM – 12k


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