Dedolight basic starter kit

Dedolight Basic Starter Kit KDS21B



Dedolight Basic Starter Kit KDS21B – 1 Soft head 2 Hard heads

The KDS kits are perfect for people looking for an excellent balance between hard and soft lighting. This particular kit uses Dedo DLH4 hard heads mixed with photo flex soft lights provide a useful soft and hard light solution on a budget.

The Dedolight Basic Starter Kit consists of:

  • 2 DLH4 Aspherics² light head, 100W/150W tungsten
  • 2 DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
  • 2 DT24-1E Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC)
  • 5 DL150 Lamp 150W / 24V
  • 1 DLBOX Plastic Box
  • 1 DSC2 Soft case, large
  • 2 DST Dedolight stand
  • 2 DFH Gel filter holder
  • 1 FV-BSLE3200 Starlite Body QL, 220V-240V, w/FV-SLSWIVEL
  • 1 FV-BSLOCTOCON Starlite Connector
  • 1 FV-SD2M Medium Silverdome 24″ x 32″ x 17″ (61 x 81 x 43cm) w/ QRC
  • 1 MD-B387486 Reverse Folding Stand – Black
  • 2 FV-SLE1000240 1000w 240v lamp


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