K5600 Alpha 800 Plus


The K5600 Alpha 800 Plus concept is to create a more compact and lighter fixture with interchangeable Fresnel lenses, giving the end user more options than just flood and spot. Kit inc Alpha 800, 800w hi speed EB, fresnel lens, 7.5m ext cable, Barndoor


First 800W Fresnel unit on the market ever produced, the Alpha 800W Plus will definitely make a breakthrough on sets. With its Fresnel lens of 175mm (most commonly used by others on 1200W Fresnel), the Alpha 800W benefits from the same features of all the Alpha line, with a little “Plus”.

Like its elder brothers, the Alpha 800W has a great quality of light and shadows. Operating pointing straight down (90°) is another quality of the Alpha line. This unique feature is possible thanks to the cooling design of the unit and the small size flat reflector. The Fresnel lens can be removed to turn the unit into a very even wide clean beam with razor sharp shadows, just like the other lights in the Alpha range.

So, what makes of the Alpha 800 an Alpha “Plus”? The “Plus” comes from the ability of the unit to be equipped with a PAR reflector. K5600 R&D has developped a G22 90° socket, which enables the bulb to change from vertical to horizontal position. This can be quickly done by replacing the bulb by the 90° angle socket and sliding in the PAR beamer. The switch from Fresnel to PAR is done in just few seconds ready to receive the lenses or a Softube. The Alpha Plus is provided with a new braking system and a yoke offering four different positions: vertical, horizontal and at 45° front and back. For even more versatility, you can fit either 3200K or 5600K discharge bulbs into the Alpha 800 Plus.

Hi-speed and dimmable ballast

The Alpha 800 comes with a dimmable ballast, which can run at 300 or 1000 Hz frequency. Consequently making this ideal for High Speed shootings without generating flicker.


Price above is for the kit which includes: Alpha 800w, 800w Hi speed electronic ballast, fresnel lens, barn door and 7.5m extension cable.

Technical Specifications

Electrical consumption3,7 Amps @ 230V / 8 Amps
Fresnel lens size175mm dia
BulbG22 holder – MSR HR UV Block 800W (3200K or 5600K) – Life : 1000 hours Max.
Beam angle6-110° (depending on the configuration)
Accessory Diameter197 mm (Chimera speedring reference : 9190)
Mounting16mm spigot
Operating range+90° to -90°
Lamp head weight5.4kg
Lamphead dimensionsH=39 cm W=29,5 cm L=23 cm
Complete kit weight22.3kg
Complete kit dimensionsH=41.6 cm W=45.4 cm L=38.3 cm
Ballast800W Electronic ballast 100, 300 and 1000 Hz / Flicker Free & Dimmable
Ballast weight6kg
Extension Cableveam connector, common to Joker-Bug 200,400 and 800 (7.50m).



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