K5600 Alpha 9k

K5600 Alpha 9K


The K5600 Alpha 9K is compact and lightweight, can be hung vertically and can be used with fresnel lens or open face.


The K5600 Alpha 9K wattage is a new addition to the range of Alphas. The high ISO provided by the sensors of today’s HD cameras has definitely changed the lighting lists. Even though 18Ks will always be useful when it comes to counter balance the sun shadow, the “big” lights are scaling down. K5600 Lighting chose a 450 mm Fresnel lens for its optical features allowing a 10° to 60° clean controllable beam. As the rest of the Alpha family, the lens is removable to create an 80° (half angle) even beam for hard shadows and perfect for Chroma key. Using the same Quartz reflector as the Alpha 18, Alpha 4 and 1600, the Alpha 9K can be used pointing straight down.

Note: Includes Head, Fresnel Lens, Barndoor


  • Compact and light weight
  • Fresnel lens allows a 10° to 60° clean controllable beam
  • Uses material which resists high temperatures allowing it to be pointed straight down
  • Versatile – can be used with from open-faced giving wide beam to being precisely controlled with a fresnel lens

Technical Specifications

Weight without lens and bulb34kg
Weight with lens and bulb39.5kg
Electrical consumption9k: 42A @ 230V 6k: 28A @230V
Lens diameter450mm



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