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LiteGear LitePower Pack Hybrid



The LiteGear LitePower Pack has been tailored specifically to meet the demands of everyday on-set use. Ranging from individually selected power supplies, battery adapters, or cables to fully assembled, all-inclusive LitePower(TM) Packs, there is something to suit every lighting technician.

The LiteGear LitePower Pack Hybrid  has been specifically designed to provide all of the essentials for manual control of LiteRibbon(R) Hybrid, starting with one of our flicker-free LiteDimmer(TM) Hybrids all the way down to the power and cables to optimise and supplement it. The LitePower(TM) Pack (Hybrid) can be sold separately or purchased as part of any one of our LiteRibbon(R) Pro Kits available in Hybrid.

Features LitePower(TM) Pack Specifications – Hybrid:

1 x LiteDimmer(TM) Hybrid (LD-HYBRID)
1 x Power Supply, 8A (PS-12V-8A-F)
2 x Hybrid Extension, 12 Feet (CA-PH3-EXT-12F-FLAT-B)
2 x Hybrid Extension, 6 Feet (CA-PH3-EXT-6F-FLAT-B)
1 x Hybrid ThreeFer (CA-PH3.F-PH3.M.3)
1 x Barrel Extension, 6 Feet (CA-BAR-EXT-6F)
1 x Barrel TwoFer (CA-BAR.M-BAR.F.2)
1 x Auto/Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CA-CIG.M-BAR.F)
1 x Battery Holder, 8 AA Cells, Enclosed (BA-8AA-ENC)
1 x 9-Volt Battery Adapter (CA-9VOLT-BAR.F)
1 x Kit Case, Black, Small (CASE-FL-MERCHANT-S)


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