Mantra Lite

LSC Mantra Lite Console


The LSC Mantra Lite console is simple – make control of LED fixtures easy and intuitive, while still allowing control of moving lights and conventionals.


The LSC Mantra Lite console is simple. It makes control of LED fixtures easy and intuitive, while still allowing control of moving lights and conventionals.

Mantra Lite combines the ease of use of a fader based console, with the power of a touch screen graphical user interface. The software shows the user what to do next, ensuring a very easy learning curve for even the novice user.

There are many advanced features for power users too. These include the ability to record 100 cuelists or chases, of up to 250 cues each, and playback 10 simultaneously.

Control of 24 individual fixtures is provided, each with a physical fader for intensity.

A large 18cm (7.2”) colour capacitive touch screen provides a powerful user interface, similar in operation to modern smartphones, giving the user the feeling of familiarity and comfort.

A simple colour picker  can control the RGB, RGBA, RGBAW and CMY parameters. Pan and Tilt can be controlled via a trackpad and other parameters by virtual sliders.

This allows the Mantra to control not just colour, but all the parameters of modern moving lights.


Unique Animate Feature

The unique Animate feature provides a simple and intuitive way to quickly create chases and patterns in a single cue – usually within just a few seconds. This feature alone makes the LSC Mantra Lite console the most powerful in its class. An Undo command system, context sensitive Help, and Live time controls ensures that Mantra will remain the market leader for years to come.

Fixture library updates and new software features are easily installed via USB stick. Show files can be backed up to USB stick for off site storage.


  • Easy to use App based user interface.
  • Large 18cm capacitive multi-touch colour LCD screen.
  • Animate’ feature – Create complex FX quickly – the easiest way to add dynamic movement and colour to your stage.
  • Fans for colour and position.
  • Built in fixture template creator with unique live learning control.
  • Multiple Undo command system
  • On board Help menu.
  • Built-in power supply or external power pak (UL version).
  • Internal auto voltage mains power supply with IEC connector (not applicable to UL version).
  • Mini UPS for auto show save on power loss.
  • DMX out via 5pin XLR and ethernet (Art-Net and/or sACN).
  • Perfect for smaller venues including schools and churches.
  • Built-in carry handle.
  • Rugged all metal construction.
  • Made in Australia with a full 2 year warranty


Number of fixtures 24
Control LEDs, moving lights or generic fixtures Yes
Number of Playback Faders 10
Masters 2 – Playback and Fixture
Number of Cues/Animations 100
DMX outputs on XLR connector 1 x DMX512-A (E1-11)
DMX output on sACN or Art-Net Yes
RDM enabled Yes
Colour Touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation Yes
Touchscreen 18cm capacitive with 5-point multi-touch
Internal storage 4GB SD Card (standard) expandable to 64GB
Data Backup via USB memory stick
Power brownout protection Internal UPS providing 5 seconds of power for Auto show save
Power Supply Nominal 100-240 Volts, 50-60Hz
Operating range typically 90-260V, 45-65Hz.
Power Input Connection (Internal supply model) IEC socket – mains cable provided.
External Power Supply (UL model only) Nominal 12 Volts DC – Plug-Pak supplied
Power Input Connection (UL model only) 2.5mm jack.
Construction Corrosion resistant steel finished in powder coating with
hard-wearing polycarbonate front panel Lexan
Product Dimensions – W x D x H 490 x 330 x 80 mm / 19.3 x 13 x 3.2 inches
Shipping Dimensions – W x D x H 530 x 380 x 130 mm / 20.9 x 14.75 x 5.0 inches
Product Weight: 4.9 kg / 10.8 lb
Product Weight (Packed):

Internal PSU / External PSU

6.1kg / 13.4lbs

6.3kg / 13.65lbs

Shipping Weight 7kg / 15.4lb