led panel

  • LiteGear S2 LiteMat


    S2 LiteMat is a unique and lightweight LED lighting fixture system designed for cinema, TV, and HD video. S2 LiteMat be used any time that soft and controllable light is required, and can be stand mounted or Velcro’d to walls or ceilings.

    S2 LiteMat Hybrid (bi-colour) kits are available to buy online.

  • LiteGear LiteTile


    The flexible, bi-colour LED LiteTile with a range of 2600-6000k is available in 2×8 or 2×4 strips or as 8×8 or 4×4 kits

  • LiteGear LiteMat+ Plus


    The new LiteMat+ Plus series of LED light fixtures is the ideal luminaire for set lighting and rental company inventories. LiteMat+ Plus incorporates everything you love about LiteMat, features the new CineMitter, and adds some distinctly new features.

  • Vortex8


    Vortex8 is powerful 2×1 LED RGBW fixture with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K that can be used as a hard punch light to bounce or push through diffusion, or as a creamy soft light